4 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

November 02, 2018

As the seasons are changing, some people face more financial hardship than others. Families struggle to pay for higher bills, like heating, on top of the cost of groceries, warm clothing, and big meals or gifts to celebrate holiday traditions. Because of this, some families are more stressed than they are happy this time of year. There are ways to give back so that everyone can experience the joy that this season brings.

n:p beautiful is a philanthropic company that donates 10 percent of its net proceeds to organizations that support pediatric cancer research and animal abuse prevention. When you purchase our products, you’re helping give back to those struggling or those who don’t have a voice to stand up for themselves. This holiday season, we encourage you to give back in other ways as well.

Food Drives

As we said, many families struggle to buy groceries and prepare large meals during the holidays. One way to help is to participate in food drives. You can donate non-perishable food items like canned soups and vegetables or boxed foods. As the holidays approach, you can donate foods like a turkey or ham so families can celebrate traditions together.

Food drives also need volunteers to help organize packages that go to those who need them. If you can’t afford to buy extra groceries, consider volunteering your time instead.

Clothing Drives

We love kids and their families. As a philanthropic company, we give back to families struggling the most with sick children. But what about the healthy kids that are just trying to stay that way? Kids grow quickly, and a lot of time the clothes that fit them one year don’t fit them the next. This makes it difficult on parents in the wintertime trying to dress their children for the cold.

If you have children or younger family members that have grown out of their clothing, consider donating the clothing. Lightly worn long-sleeve shirts, pants, coats, hats, gloves, and boots are great items to donate. You can always purchase new clothing as well. Items like socks and underwear are necessities for children, but these items should be donated new.

This type of organization could also use volunteers, whether you donated or not. You can help sort clothing items or make deliveries.

Toy Drives

Parents want to give their children the world, but sometimes they aren’t able to financially provide for any more than their basic needs. It can be difficult for a child to go to school and see all of their friends with new clothes and fun toys during the holidays, even if their parents are doing the best that they can. No, toys aren’t exactly a necessity; however, they do facilitate in the development of children’s social, problem solving, and creative skills.

A lot of organizations hold toy drives during the holiday season to help give toys and games to children in need. Many accept any toys or games, but many also have a system set up where you can choose the age and gender of a specific child in need in order to buy an appropriate gift just for them. This makes the donation feel more personal and a lot like a Secret Santa!

Organizations that hold toy drives for the holidays need volunteers too. If you’re a pro at wrapping gifts, this is a great opportunity to lend your talents.

Other Ways To Give

These options are great for the holiday season, but they could also be ways to give back to your community any time of year.

  • Make financial donations to charities
  • Volunteer at the soup kitchen
  • Make meals or holiday treats for your neighbors
  • Rake leaves or shovel walks and driveways
  • Offer to babysit for free
  • Visit or volunteer at a retirement center

Some of these require getting involved with charities and organizations, while others just require you to take the extra step as a neighbor, friend, or family member. The holiday season is about being thankful for your loved ones and giving to the people and causes you care about. n:p beautiful is a philanthropic company that cares about causes that help sick children and their families, as well as causes that support animals. What causes do you care about? Get involved today.