5 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself And Others

5 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself And Others

November 13, 2018

Be kind, babes, it’s World Kindness Day! Obviously, we believe in being kind every day, but today is a great reason to put in a little extra thought to how you treat others as well as yourself.

As a philanthropic company, n:p beautiful strives for kindness and ways to give back to the community. When you purchase our plant-based hair products and professional hair styling tools, you’re not only being kinder to your hair; you’re also being kind to organizations that support pediatric cancer research and animal abuse prevention because we donate 10 percent of our proceeds to these types foundations.

Purchasing products from n:p beautiful is one way to be kind today, but check out these other suggestions that will make the world a brighter, more beautiful place.

Pay It Forward

Whether you buy a latte for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop or you treat your bestie to a tasty brunch, showing love in small, monetary ways is a great way to be kind to other people.

The best part about this act of kindness is that, with a little extra cash in their pocket, your fellow coffee-drinker or friend is more likely to keep the chain going by purchasing the next drink or meal.

Call Out Success

How often do you feel like your work is only ever criticized? And then when you do a good job, your efforts are overlooked? Others probably feel the same way.

Take the time to tell your coworker when they nail a presentation or write an amazing article. Let your roommate or significant other know that you appreciate that they cleaned the bathroom, made a delicious dinner, or gave the dog a bath. When you call out the greatness in others, they’re more likely to reciprocate and acknowledge your accomplishments as well.

“Treat Yo’ Self”

Retail therapy exists for a reason. If you’ve had a rough morning at the office, go out to your favorite restaurant for lunch. Feeling a little “blah” about your wardrobe? Check out some local sales and buy a new top that makes your figure look fabulous.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to feel better either. In fact, when you find a lot of great sales on products you love, you’ll end up with a buyer’s high on top of the excitement of having new clothes and accessories!

When you purchase from a philanthropic company like n:p beautiful, you get another type of buyer’s high knowing that part of your purchase is going to organizations in need.

“Just Because” Gifts

In the same vein as treating yourself, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to give your friend or loved one a gift. Did you find a pair of earrings that you know your girlfriend would love while you were shopping for yourself? Or maybe you found a funny greeting card that also expresses how much someone’s friendship is appreciated?

Purchasing gifts “just because,” whether they’re big or small, is a great way to show someone a little extra love. When people feel like they’re appreciated, noticed, and loved by others, they’re more likely to succeed in their personal lives and share the love with more people.

Write Yourself A Love Letter

This might seem corny, but think of all the things you might tell someone you love about them. How many of those qualities apply to you as well? Write yourself a letter and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself, how beautiful you are — on the inside and out — and all of the great things you will accomplish.

Writing this letter is a great practice in manifesting because you’re more likely to create a reality based on the things you’re focused on. If you tell yourself you’re beautiful, the perspective of your brain shifts to see yourself that way. If you tell yourself how much you believe in your dreams, you become more determined to achieve them. As much as others can love and support you, you’ve gotta love yourself too, girl!

Remember that being kind is a year-round attitude, not just something to express on a single day of the year. Try any of these suggestions, and support philanthropic companies like n:p beautiful by purchasing products where a portion of proceeds is donated to charities in need.