Get Perfect Beach Waves, Even If It’s Winter

October 30, 2018

Now is the time of year when we break out our flannels, seasonal holiday music, and cuddle up with bae and some hot (maybe spiked) beverages. Some of us might still be mourning the end of summer, though. Unless a tropical vacation is in your future this fall and winter, you’ve probably said goodbye to your naturally sunkissed skin and beachy summer hair. And although we can’t help you keep your tan through the colder months of the year, we can help you maintain your salt-sprayed locks.

With n:p beautiful’s line of plant-based hair products, you never have to worry about a bad hair day again. And with our Himalayan sea salt beach spray, you’ll look like you stepped off a sandy beach no matter where you actually are in the world.

Get Wet

Unless you like being part of the polar bear club, we don’t advise you to go swimming in the icy waves of the winter ocean. If you want those tousled beach waves, though, you’ve got to get your hair damp, babe. You can spray it down with a spray bottle or take a shower. If you do shower, you’ll have to let it dry for a little while because sopping wet hair is impossible to style. We do not recommend shampooing if you shower either. Part of the beauty of beach waves is the natural oils your hair has that gives it a great texture.

Comb It Out

Once your hair is damp — again, not sopping, but evenly dampened — you can comb it out to prepare it for the salt spray. Now is a great time to part your hair how you want it as well. Combing helps your hair lay naturally and separates the follicles so the strands can absorb the salt spray. Also, tangles are a real beach to deal with later on if you don’t comb your hair out now.

Shake, Section, And Spray

Now for the fun part! First, shake the bottle of Himalayan sea salt beach spray so the salt is evenly mixed in the solution. Next, section your hair off and start spraying. The more sections you spray, the more volume your hair will have. You can spray your roots with the beach spray or you can use another plant-based hair product by n:p beautiful: volumizing dry shampoo.

Once you’ve sprayed your hair to your heart’s content, it’s time to play! Scrunch your hair, twist it, fluff it. Beach waves are meant to look naturally tousled, so tousle away! You can flip your head upside-down to scrunch your hair and give it an ocean-breeze blown look.

Blow Everyone Away

Obviously. Before you do that, though, you should blow dry your hair. Nothing kills a beachy look like icy waves of hair. Use n:p beautiful’s hair dryer on the low, cool settings. This is key, otherwise you’ll blow out all the texture and natural waves you just spent precious time scrunching and styling. The cooler temperature will also help lock the style in place without drying out your hair and making it frizzy.

This step is optional during the summer months, as you can let your beach waves air dry in the warm summer sun. In the late fall and winter, though, we recommend you dry your beach hair at home so it doesn’t freeze as soon as you step out into the cold.

Rinse And Repeat

With these styling tips, plant-based hair products, and professional hair styling tools, you’re well equipped to style beach waves every day of the year. Summer may be over, but sexy hair is in style year-round. You can get all of these products and more from n:p beautiful to wash and style luscious, healthy hair every day of the year.