Tourmaline Technology 101

Tourmaline Technology 101

November 26, 2018

When it comes to purchasing hair styling tools, it’s probably easier to settle for a less expensive brand compared to a higher-end, more professional model. The advertising may even lead you to believe that the tools do the exact same thing — but don’t be fooled, beautiful.

When it comes to genuine tourmaline technology, choosing the more expensive flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer is the right decision. That’s because a higher-quality tool will protect you and is built to last.

Professional hair styling tools, like the ones from n:p beautiful, are made with high-quality materials and coated in tourmaline powder. Other tools may claim to use tourmaline technology, but the plates on these models are made of copper and aluminum — alloys that will begin to damage your hair after regular use, even if coated in tourmaline.

What is the purpose of tourmaline technology, though? Find out what this material is, and why David Babaii designed all of n:p beautiful’s professional hair styling tools with it.

Talk Nerdy To Me

Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral, which is just the scientific term for the type of mineral compound that it is. It’s a combination of aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. It is considered a semi-precious stone.

For the process of adding it to professional hair styling tools, it is first crushed into a fine powder. It is then used to coat heating elements; the plates of our flat iron, the barrel of our curling iron, and the grill of our blow dryer — for example. It is then baked into these surfaces.

Semi-Precious Style

Tourmaline is popular in hair styling tools because it helps smooth the hair during the heating process. The mineral emits negative ions, which counteract the positive ions that exist in dry and damaged hair. This counteraction is what makes your hair smooth and shiny. Tourmaline seals moisture into hair and closes the hair cuticle.

Tourmaline also possesses far infrared properties. When you use your tourmaline-coated, professional hair styling tools, the far infrared heat penetrates more deeply into the cuticle of the hair, which allows for fast drying or styling time.

When you use the n:p beautiful blow dryer, you’re using tourmaline technology to eliminate static and frizz, seal in moisture, increase shine, and reduce drying time without damaging your hair.

If you’re styling with an n:p beautiful flat iron or curling iron, the tourmaline is working quickly and gently to style your hair while reducing static, fighting frizz, enhancing shine by locking in the natural moisture in your hair, and all without the friction or damage that other tools cause.

Ionic Babe

You may also hear tourmaline technology referred to as “ionic,” “nano-ionic,” or “tourmaline ionic.” These terms are just referencing the ionic properties of this amazing mineral. We prefer to keep it simple and just use “tourmaline” to describe all of our professional hair styling tools, but you can *wow* your besties with the extra vocab.

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