GLAMOUR Reviewed n:p beautiful’s Flat Iron

October 08, 2018

When it comes to professional hair styling tools, we understand that everyone wants the best of the best — and they want proof that’s what they’re getting. Thanks to GLAMOUR magazine, six women with entirely different hair types all tried out n:p beautiful’s flat iron and offered their review of our revolutionary hair tool.

Check out the full article to see what these women had to say and watch the short Instagram videos of the different trials.

Head-To-Head With Humidity

The first of the reviewers is a video producer for GLAMOUR. She mentions having incredibly kinky curls that are difficult to manage with the humidity and her new, shorter cut. “...I blow out my hair and then go over it with a flat iron twice a week. I use a titanium iron to touch up in the mornings…” says Azadeh Valanejad.

What happened when she tried our professional hair styling tool, though? “...this iron is magic! It’s so much fun to use, and it definitely works way better on my kinky roots than a normal iron,” Valanejad said. Our flat iron heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and and vibrates to shuffle strands so that women with kinky hair like Valanejad’s can quickly style and smooth their hair.

The Fight Against Hair-Fry

One thing that David Babaii made sure of when designing the n:p beautiful flat iron was that it wouldn’t damage hair. This is why the hair tool only heats as high is 400 degrees. Beyond that is when damage starts to occur.

Melissa Haney, another reviewer, admitted to the damage she used to inflict on her hair when straightening it every day. The n:p beautiful flat iron, however? “It gave me silky, straight hair a world away from the fried mess I used to sport,” Haney said.

The More The Hairier – Umm – Merrier

These are just a couple of the shining reviews one of n:p beautiful’s professional hair styling tools received! Check out the full article with the other four reviews and then head over to our Tools page to purchase our flat iron and other hair tools!