VOGUE Is Letting The World Know About n:p beautiful

June 18, 2018


A few weeks ago, we met up with VOGUE magazine to share some of the exciting details around our new high-end hair product line. We had a great time with staff writer Lauren Valenti sharing a few stories about our new products and the raving reviews that came from some of David Babaii's favorite clients. David talked about how many of the products can be used on all types of hair, like the Miracle Serum.

“It’s unbelievable for someone like Uma [Thurman], who has thinner hair, all the way to Sandra Bullock, who has tons of thick hair,” David told VOGUE. “In both cases, [it] instantly absorbs and takes you back to virgin hair.”

VOGUE mentioned that we have 10 different hair care and styling products, as well as our three different professional hair styling tools. We are so grateful that VOGUE gave us the attention we think our amazing plant-based products and revolutionary hair tools deserve! You can read the whole story here! Enjoy.

It’s A Miracle

We’re glad that David highlighted n:p beautiful’s Miracle Serum because it’s one of our most popular products — and for good reason! As he said, it works wonders on all types of hair — from fine to thick, curly to straight, and damaged to virgin — to make it (and keep it) beautiful and healthy.

In the formula for our Miracle Serum, we use natural and sustainable ingredients that are not only good for your hair, but are also good for the environment. We use ingredients like antioxidant-rich Moringa oil, calming lotus root, and a plant-based stem cell formula to deliver the mother of all hair oils. This product works from the inside out to give you beautiful, healthy hair. Check out n:p beautiful’s Miracle Serum and our other amazing plant-based hair products that VOGUE and other publications are raving about.