n:p beautiful Founder and Creative Director David Babaii

When you know, you know.

Consider the marquee for David Babaii’s career and his life. When a career in hotel management just wasn’t going to do it for David, he looked to his past to define his future. Years of watching his mother, Hilda, a Londoner and legendary hairstylist, inspired young David. He stood atop the Eiffel Tower, ready to follow his heart and do what was in his soul. So he began styling hair. But David’s way with hair was — and is — transformative. It’s art.

And while David Babaii’s work has been featured all over the world; in major publications like Vanity Fair and Elle, among others; it’s his spirit that captivates. He’s the guy who has days laced in luxury, but won’t hesitate to go for a late-night ice cream run and joke about it. He’s the guy you want to be best buddies with because he’ll tell you when you look great, and make you laugh until you’re both in tears when you don’t. His friends — like, Kate Hudson can attest to that. And on Sundays you may find him going full glam and brunching with his crew or in bed snoring in unison with his dog. He’s also the guy who’ll throw himself into a project because he cares.

In his latest endeavor, assuming the role as Chief Global Creative Director for n:p beautiful, David Babaii has been able to put his spirit into a product line that he knows is the right thing. Why? Because,When you know, you know.And also because this is his dream come true. It’s 17 years of hard work; it’s the culmination of science and nature; it’s his wild, limitless imagination becoming every woman’s beauty solution. His partnership with the brand has allowed him to get back to what he loves doing most — making women feel beautiful; as well as giving the world products, tools and formulas that are smart, clean, and results-oriented.

With n:p beautiful, David Babaii has worked extensively to find expert chemists who could stabilize stem cells and bring the power of modern science to the forefront through a nontoxic, revolutionary hair care line. David says with confidence that what he’s doing is,Creating the perfect version of your favorite hair product.” So, you may love your tried-and-true beach wave product, but his is better. He’s done the work. He’s done the research. He knows there’s nothing like this out there. David, who’s worked with all types of hair — from fine to coarse and color-treated to virgin hair — takes pride in this high-end hair product line because it’s an industry game-changer.

David Babaii has devoted himself to seeing his vision come alive through a clean, high-end hair product line that brings balance to hair and lives; supporting causes that David cares about deeply, such as children’s cancer research and the prevention of animal cruelty.

So welcome to David Babaii’s world — one that’s fun, hilarious, fabulous, thoughtful, science-based, down-to-earth, sexy, modern, (did we mention hilarious?), free-spirited, and for everyone.