Our goal at n:p beautiful is to truly create a new way of approaching hair care.

I have spent 17 years of my career working with some of the most famous people in the world, all of whom have different hair types. Throughout this journey of creating different hairstyles for my clients, I never found a product that allowed me to fully achieve my goals. Whether the goal was to give volume, to smooth hair straight, or to give the perfect wave I would always have to use multiple products to achieve these looks.

So when given the opportunity to create a new hair care line, I wanted to develop something that really does what it says it does.

From the volumizing spray and the multipurpose oil to our beach spray and plant-based shampoos and conditioners — even our amazing vibration straightening iron and ergonomic curling iron — these products have been designed to change your overall hair experience. The blow-dryer itself was created to really blow you away with its results.  

Over seven years ago, I came up with a concept of introducing plant stem cells into hair care. While this was a revolutionary idea, I couldn’t find a chemist to stabilize this formula because this was a unique base blend. After years of searching, I found several chemists around the world who worked together to bring this unique, patent-pending formula to life. At this point, it was clear that we had reinvented hair care.

We approached this new technology as a way of fully delivering the nutrients to your hair, whether your hair is fine, thick, curly or frizzy — so, basically, all types of hair. Because of this, I’m able to use one product to achieve the look I want, cutting styling time dramatically.

When it comes to professional hairstyling tools, I’m known for wanting only the best. I learned early in my career that your tools define you as a hairstylist.

I looked back at all of the hairstyling tools I had used for years, and I found that so much was missing. Things like temperature control, the weight of the tool, the velocity of the blow-dryer, and heating time had never been right. I noticed that even the right minerals and elements that wouldn’t damage hair were missing.

Our team was certainly challenged to find the exact balance. The barrel of the curling iron and the vibrating plates of the flat iron had to be exact in size and design. The powder-coated grill of the blow-dryer had to be designed to deliver the perfect amount of ionic technology. We wanted to bring all of these elements together with a chic, sexy, modern style. So with an attractive color palette of rose gold and matte black finishes, we sought to inspire.

The style, the feel, the results — they’re all special. And the beauty is evident from the moment you open the box.


Chief Global Creative Director